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What Is a Foreign Child Adoption?

Adoptions are divided into two categories: domestic and foreign. Both types of adoption involve the transfer of parental rights from the child’s birth parents to the adoptive parents.

A foreign adoption, also known as an intercountry adoption, is one where you adopt a child from overseas. Foreign adoptions can be complex because the child being adopted must also go through the immigration process.

What Agencies Will I Have to Work with to Adopt a Foreign Born Child?

Foreign adoptions can be complicated because the adoption involves many agencies and requirements. To adopt a child born overseas you will have to follow guidelines set by:

What Do I Need to Do to Adopt a Foreign Child?

The procedure to adopt a foreign born child can take one to fours years and varies based on the child’s country of origin. Typically, foreign adoption involves:

Hague Adoption vs. Non-Hague Adoption

The level of difficulty for the adoption process varies and depends on if the adoption is categorized as a Hague or Non-Hague adoption.

The procedures for the adoption will be different and depends on whether the child’s country is a part of the Hague treaty or not.

Can My Adopted Child Automatically Gain U.S. Citizenship?

Generally, the United States will issue a permanent resident visa after the Orphan Petition is approved. The child will not have to be placed on a waiting list.

Note that visas types do vary depending on whether the adoption is categorized as Hague or Non-Hague.

It is possible that your adopted child can automatically get U.S. citizenship upon entry to the U.S. with a visa, if:

Will the Overseas Adoption Be Valid in the U.S?

The adoption of a child in a foreign court is typically legal in the Untied States. But states are not required to recognize the adoption, so you may want to re-adopt the child in a state court and get a state birth certificate.

Should I Get a Lawyer If I Want to Adopt a Foreign Born Child?

Foreign adoptions involve complex procedures and interactions with U.S. and foreign agencies. A qualified immigration attorney can help you with everything you need to adopt a foreign child.

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