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What Does "Sponsoring an Alien" Mean?

Under the grounds of inadmissibility, aliens who are likely to be a public charge upon entry (i.e., will likely end up on welfare) are inadmissible.  To gain entry into the United States, the aliens must show that someone will support them financially.  This person is called a sponsor.  The sponsor must show the he can financially support the alien by filing an Affidavit of Support.

What are the Requirements to File an Affidavit of Support?

There are many requirements that you must fulfill if you wish to be an alien's sponsor.  You must: 

Filing an Affidavit of Support

There are several steps in filing an affidavit of support: 

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sponsor an Alien?

Filing an affidavit of support can be very confusing and difficult.  An experienced immigration lawyer can help you complete the paperwork quickly and correctly.

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