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What Is a Fraudulent Marriage?

If you and your spouse intended, at the time your marriage took place, to establish a life together, then U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will consider your marriage legitimate. Even if immigration concerns influenced your decision to marry, the marriage will not be considered a sham or fraudulent marriage, unless you were married for the primary purpose of obtaining a green card

How Does the USCIS Decide If My Marriage Is Legitimate?

If you have been married for less than two years since receiving a green card or since immigrating to the U.S., the USCIS may test the couple for up to two years in order to ensure the marriage is not a form of green card fraud. Additionally, the USCIS considers many factors in determining whether the marriage is a sham:

What Documentation Does the USCIS Use to Verify a Marriage Is Not Fraudulent?

Considering the factors above, the USCIS may interview teh married couple, as well as their friends, family, and employers. The couple must go through several interviews and submit documentation that tends to show that the pair is living as a married couple. Such documentation may include:

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you believe the USCIS could consider your marriage a sham, then it is wise to contact a lawyer. An immigration lawyer may help you provide the necessary proof that your marriage is legitimate.

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