Fraudulent Marriage Arrangements

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For immigration purposes, what is marriage fraud?

In an immigration law context, marriage fraud refers to the use of deceit or untruthfulness in entering into a marriage. While it is okay for immigration concerns to be a factor in marriage, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) will presume marriages to be fraudulent if the marriage is simply for the convenience of obtaining a green card.

What are some common types of marriage fraud?

Some common types of marriage fraud schemes that ICE agents encounter are:

The above schemes are frequently identified by ICE officials and may result in rigorous penalties for all parties who are involved in such arrangements.   

What are some factors used to determine the validity of a marriage?

Couples who are petitioning for a green card will typically be subject to an interview during which the validity of their marriage will be determined. Officials will use the following factors to assess the marriage:

What are some of the penalties for an illegal marriage fraud scheme?

Truthfulness is one of the main requirements for any immigration application. Involvement in a fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes can have severe consequences, such as:

Do I need lawyer for my immigration marriage issues?

If you are applying for immigration to the U.S., or are involved in petitioning a foreign national, it is important that you seek legal counsel to assist you. The requirements for immigration can be complex, so it is wise to obtain the advice of a lawyer.

Violations of immigration requirements can result in serious consequences for both aliens and U.S. citizens, so it is in your best interest to comply with requirements at all times. An attorney can help you prepare the necessary documents, and they can help keep you informed regarding changes in immigration laws and requirements.

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