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What Is Governmental Immunity?

Governmental immunity stops people from suing the government and government employees and officials in many cases. This policy makes it easier for the government to make decisions because it protects the government from interference from lawsuits. For example, you may not sue the state legislature for money if they pass a law that happens to harm you. Government immunity will stop any lawsuit where a judgment in favor of the plaintiff could control the actions of the state or subject it to liability.

What Is Covered by Government Immunity?

Government immunity covers many government entities including:

How to Sue the Government

Government immunity does not prevent all lawsuits against the government. However, even if you can sue, the government may also be immune from types of remedies, such as punitive damages. There are many situations where suing the government is appropriate:

Should I Contact a Lawyer About My Problem with the Government?

If you wish to sue the government, a lawyer can help evaluate whether governmental immunity is a bar and advise you of your rights. 

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