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What Is Tort Law Liability?

A tort is a legal term describing a violation where one person causes damage, injury, or harm to another person. The violation may result from intentional actions, a breach of duty as in negligence, or due to a violation of statutes. 

The party that commits the tort is called the tortfeasor. A tortfeasor incurs tort liability, meaning that they will have to reimburse the victim for the harm that they caused them. In other words, the tortfeasor who is found to be “liable” or responsible for a person’s injuries will likely be required to pay damages.

Under most tort laws, the injury suffered by the plaintiff does not have to actually be physical. A tortfeasor may be required to pay damages for other types of harm, including emotional distress or a violation of personal rights. For a broader explanation of see the related article What is Tort Law?

Are There Different Types of Tort Liability?

Yes- liability in a tort situation can sometimes involve many different factors. For example, a tortfeasor may become liable to several different victims if they have injured a group of people. 

Or, several different tortfeasors can be held liable for the injuries of a single victim, such as when a person is attacked by a group. It is even possible for the victim themselves to incur liability, for example if they contributed to their own injury apart from the tortfeasor’s actions.

Some other types of liability that are common in a tort setting include:

Thus, tort liability can take on many different forms depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. In general, tort liability is associated with monetary awards, but some forms of liability may lead to other remedies (such as a restraining order or an injunction).

Tort Law in other States:

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Determine Tort Liability?

As you can see, situations involving a tort can often be somewhat complex. It can often be the case that many different people are involved in a single incident. Each of these actors may have varying levels of liability with regards to the tort involved. You may wish to consult a personal injury lawyer if you are involved with a tort. Your lawyer can help sort out the different liabilities of each party that may be involved. 

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