How to Change Your Gender on Your Birth Certificate in California

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How to Change Your Gender on Your Birth Certificate in California

After sex-reassignment surgery, you may want to change your name and your birth certificate to better fit your new body. In California, changing your birth certificate is possible. Similar to other birth certificate changes, the process to change your gender and name on your birth certificate requires you to file a lot of paperwork with the courts. Nevertheless, if papers are filed properly, the process should be fast.

A Court Order Is Required

In order to get a new birth certificate issued to you, you must first obtain a court order. The court order will tell the specific items that the California Department of Vital Records to change.

What Is the Court Order Procedure?

To obtain a court order, the individual shall complete the following steps:

If you are only changing your gender on your birth certificate, you do not need to publish your request in the newspaper.

Consulting an Attorney

Finding the necessary documents to change your name and gender on your birth certificate may be a challenging process. If you fail to provide completed paperwork to the courts, your petition to the will be denied. An experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the system, prepare the necessary documents, and help your throughout your hearing.

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