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What Is the Food Stamp Program?

The food stamp program is a federally funded and federally run entitlement program. The program is intended to for use by low income families. Users typically gain access to the program by acquiring an access card which they can use at the local grocery store.

What Can a Person Buy with Food Stamps?

Persons with access to the Food Stamp Program can buy most food items, but cannot purchase prepared foods with the access card. They also cannot buy alcohol, cigarettes, paper products, cleaning products, or pet products with the food stamp card.

Who Is Eligible for Food Stamps?

Generally, anyone may receive food stamps unless they fall into one of the food stamp program's exceptions. If you are any of the following, you may not receive food stamps:

What Is a Food Stamp Household, and How Does One Apply to Be One?

A food stamp household is a group of persons living together who purchase and prepare meals together. One applies to become a food stamp household by application. At least one person from the household typically has to interview face-to-face to verify work history and later receive benefits.

What Type of Information Does the Food Stamp Office Typically Need to See?

Note that sometime a representative of the office will come to the household to verify some of the information. The food stamp office typically needs the following in the interview process in order to distribute the stamps:

What Is the Cut-Off to Receiving Benefits?

A family may not receive program benefits it their gross income is more than 130% of the federal level.

Do I Need a Lawyer Regarding the Food Stamp Program?

Although you may not need a lawyer to get stamps, you may need a lawyer if your local branch of the program is improperly administered. A group of concerned citizens can work with an attorney in something called a class action if they believe the local food stamp office is unfairly discriminating against parties.

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