Legal Documents You Should Change after a Gender Reassignment

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What Legal Documents Should I Change after a Gender Reassignment?

When you undergo a gender reassignment surgery, you are one step away from completely starting your life with your new identity. The last step you need to take is to change all of your legal documents to reflect your new name and gender. Although this is not a necessary step, it will help you transition into your new life.

What Legal Documents Should I Change?

The primary legal documents you need to change are:

In What Order Should I Change My Legal Documents?

The order you change your legal documents is very important. The different government agencies may be confused if you use a different order. When you get the documents out of order, you may have additional evidence to prove and/or the process will be delayed. Thus, to expedite the process, the general recommended order is:

Consulting an Attorney

If you are confused about what documents you need to obtain or need help navigating the legal system, then you should contact an experienced government lawyer. Your attorney can help you obtain all the necessary documents such that you can transition into your new identity without any legal setbacks.

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