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What Is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability, also known as "imputed liability," makes a person liable for the actions of another. Vicarious liability is commonly applied in the employee-employer relationship. When an employee is negligent on the job, the employer is legally responsible for any damage or injury the employee causes. This allows a victim to sue the employer, who is likely to have deeper pockets than the employee.

When Am I Responsible for My Employee's Actions?

An employer can be vicariously liable for his employee's actions when: 

What Defenses Do I Have in Vicarious Liability?

An employer can avoid vicarious liability when: 

Should I Consult an Attorney about Vicarious Liability?

If you or a loved one has been injured, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about preserving your rights and remedies. If you are being sued by another party for vicarious liability, you should consult a personal injury lawyer to learn about your possible defenses and liability for your employee's actions.

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