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Scope of Employment Definition

An employee may have an accident on the job where they or someone else is injured. Whether the employee or employer is responsible depends on scope of employment.

What Does “Scope of Employment” Refer To?

Scope of employment refers to the employee’s actions and activities that they were involved in at a particular time when the accident occurred.

When Can an Employer Be Liable for an Employee’s Actions?

An employer can be held responsible when an employee acts in a negligent way. The negligence may cause an injury to the worker or someone else. If the accident occurred during an employee’s scope of employment, the employer is liable for expenses resulting from the injury.

What Does “Outside the Scope of Employment” Mean?

Outside the scope of employment refers to a worker doing something that is not part of their job duties at the time of an accident. An employer is typically not liable for the employee’s actions.

What Are Some Examples of Being Outside the Scope of Employment?

An employee who frolics, or plays around, while working is an example of outside being outside the scope of employment. For example, an employee is supposed to deliver a letter at another office, but goes to visit a friend instead. That employee is outside the scope of employment. Other examples include:

How Is Employer Liability Determined?

The test of whether an employer is vicariously liable for the actions of an employee depends on:

For example, a driver on his way to deliver packages hit a pedestrian. His employer may be liable for the accident and injuries causes, not the employee.

Should I Contact an Attorney?

Scope of employment issues come up a lot in personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp claims. You should contact a personal injury attorney about any scope of employment questions that you may have.

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