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 What Is an Incident Report?

An incident report is a form that a person can fill out after they have been involved in an accident or an injury. These are often provided by businesses, employers, or by the police. They provide written information and accounts related to the accident. Incident reports are very valuable because they can be used to support evidence if any of the parties needs to file a lawsuit in the near future.

Incident reports are also used in other contexts, especially in employment cases involving harassment or discrimination. They are sometimes called “accident reports”, traffic reports, or other names depending on the context.

When Are Incident Reports used?

Incident reports are used to report all types of accidents, including:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Injuries resulting from dangerous structures
  • Premises liability claims
  • Traffic/pedestrian accidents
  • Various other types of injury-related claims

For instance, if you have a slip and fall accident in a store, the business manager may require you to fill out an incident report. This is a good thing and should be done, so that both you and the other party have a clear record of what happened. The incident report should be made as soon as possible so while the recollection of the event is still fresh in your mind.

What Should an Incident Report Include?

A well-written incident report should include information like:

  • Names and contact info of all the parties involved, including the victims and any witnesses
  • The date of the incident
  • The exact location of incident (both addresses and more specific identifying markers or where the injury occurred)
  • A brief written account of what happened
  • Insurance information (if possible)
  • Vehicle license plates, driver’s licenses, and other info

Incident reports can therefore be very valuable in an upcoming lawsuit. Some people prefer to keep blank copies of incident report forms in their cars or at their work stations.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with an Incident Report?

Incident reports are important and may contain very valuable information for a lawsuit. You may wish to hire a workers compensation lawyer if you need help with a personal injury case or any other type of legal issues. Your attorney can review the incident report and extract information that can help your case. Also, your lawyer can provide you with representation during court meetings and hearings.

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