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What Is an Overexertion Injury?

Overexertion usually refers to injuries wherein a person lifts something that is too heavy for them, or otherwise injures themselves by using too much force. These are often work-related injuries that result from performing tasks. Overexertion is one of the main causes of all work-related injuries, and can result in serious injuries or bodily conditions. Some of these include back injuries, shoulder injuries, and other injuries.

What are Some Examples of Overexertion Injuries?

Overexertion typically refers to lifting motions. However, the term can also be used for other types of situations, such as:

How Are Overexertion Injuries Remedied?

Overexertion is often addressed through worker’s compensation or insurance claims. These may allow the worker to recover some of the costs and lost wages associated with the injury. If this is not a sufficient avenue for compensation, the employee may need to file a civil lawsuit. This may help to cover other costs such as rehab/therapy, surgery, and other medical procedures. Sprains and strains can often take several days or weeks (sometimes even months) to fully heal.

In other contexts, overexertion can occur due to negligence. For instance, overexertion can result when a trainer negligently instructs a client in a gym during exercises.  These types of incidents can also lead to a civil legal claim as well.

How Can Overexertion Be Prevented?

Overexertion can be prevented by:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Overexertion Injury Claims?

Overexertion claims can sometimes get complicated and they may need the assistance of expert witnesses and other professionals. You may need to hire a lawyer if you need help filing a claim for overexertion. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice on how to pursue a legal remedy. If you need to file a claim and appear in court, your attorney can help file a lawsuit.

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