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What Can a California Employment Lawyer Do for You?

A California employment lawyer may be hired to represent a number of parties in an employment dispute. For instance, an employee may hire a local California employment lawyer to help them sue their employer for workplace harassment. In contrast, an employer can hire a separate California employment lawyer to defend them against the workplace harassment suit.

An employment lawyer can even be hired to represent an entire business or a labor organization. Although an employment lawyer’s duties will change in accordance with a client’s needs, the majority of California employment lawyers are hired to provide legal representation during employment-related lawsuits or alternative dispute resolution conferences.

Given the number of employee-friendly laws that California has enacted, California employment lawyers can spend a lot of their time ensuring businesses comply with such regulations. They also advise employees or workers who are employed by California businesses of their rights under state employment laws.

How Much Does a California Employment Lawyer Cost?

The average cost of an employment lawyer in California will typically start at $350 per hour. This is usually the amount that clients who hire small law firms can expect to be charged. Of course, this can change based on where a person lives, the experience of the employment lawyer, and the types of legal services needed.

On the other hand, if a business is hiring a California employment lawyer to defend them against a work-related lawsuit, it could cost the business upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, in contrast, if the client suing the business hires a California employment lawyer to represent their interests on a contingency basis, then the cost of the lawyer is free unless they win the case.

The cost of a California employment lawyer may vary on a case-by-case basis. Accordingly, clients should be prepared to ask their lawyer questions about their billing practices during their initial consultation.

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