Negligent supervision is a form of negligence in employment, where a supervisor or boss allows dangerous, harmful, or offensive conduct to occur in the workplace. For instance, if a supervisor observes harassment occurring in the office place, yet fails to take steps to discipline the workers involved, they may be held liable for negligent supervision.

A case for negligent supervision is strengthened if an employee suffers injury, emotional distress, property damage, loss of employment, or other negative consequences. Also, negligent supervision may occur in connection with loss of company profits, destruction of company property, and other similar consequences.

What are Some Examples of Negligent Supervision?

Negligent supervision can take many forms and can involve many different parties. Some examples of negligent supervision include:

  • Allowing an atmosphere of sexual harassment to exist in the office
  • Failing to discipline an employee for workplace bullying or workplace violence
  • Knowingly allowing fraud, misinformation, or corruption to occur
  • Promoting or rewarding misconduct of employees
  • Instructing employees in a way that allows harassment, bullying, etc. to persist in the office place
  • Failing to make the proper reports when required
  • Failing to observe proper safety standards

In many cases, negligent supervision can involve the cooperation and coordination of several supervisors and “higher-ups”. In such cases, multiple parties may be held liable for negligent supervision. Liability may also increase if there is evidence to prove that the supervisor or supervisors had direct knowledge of the misconduct in question.

Are There any Legal Remedies for Negligent Supervision?

Occurrences of negligent supervision can result in legal claims. Depending on the facts involved, negligent supervision lawsuits can result in a monetary damages award. The damages award can cover losses such as medical expenses, hospital bills, property damage repair costs, and other expenses.

Other remedies may involve a reinstatement of an employee to their previous position if they were wrongfully fired as a result of negligent supervision. The negligent supervisor may also be terminated as a result of the negligent supervision. Lastly, for company-wide violations, the business may be required to change their company policies and employment handbooks as well.

Should I Hire an Employment Law Attorney for Help with a Negligent Supervision Lawsuit?

Employment laws can be complex, and negligent supervision cases typically require the assistance of an attorney. You may need to hire an workers compensation lawyer in your area if you need help filing a lawsuit in connection with negligent supervision. Your attorney can provide you with research and representation for your claim. Cases affecting several employees may require a class action filing.