Debit card theft occurs when someone takes the debit card, or the debit card information of another person in order to access the contents of their bank account. In many cases, some checkout devices in stores only need the person’s zip code when using a debit card. Thus, it’s possible for a thief to be able to use a person’s debit card even with very minimal amounts of information. If the thief already has the person’s other information (for instance, if they stole their wallet), it will be even easier for them to use debit card.

Is Debit Card Theft the Same as Credit Card Theft?

No, debit card is different from credit card theft because a person’s debit card links directly to their checking account. On the other hand, a credit card links to the person’s credit line. Thus, the safety mechanisms for credit cards and debit cards are often different.

In some cases, a person’s credit line and debit line may be placed in the same card. That is, a debit card sometimes also functions like a credit card if the person so chooses. Thus, a theft of that card or information can be problematic in terms of both credit and debit accounts. These types of thefts are often included under white collar crime laws, and they involve not only scamming the individual who has the card, but also the bank who issued the card.

What Are Debit Account Scams?

Besides an actual theft of a debit card or debit card information, an account theft can also occur through various types of debit account scams. For instance, a thief might pose as a telemarketer and gain access to private information through a telephone call with a victim. Or, they may visit a hospital or nursing home and obtain debit account information with a patient or resident of the facility. These types of scams are illegal and are punishable by criminal consequences.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with Debit Card Theft?

Debit card theft is a serious crime and can often result in penalties for misdemeanors or even felony charges. You may wish to hire a criminal lawyer if you are involved with debit card theft charges or if you need legal advice. An attorney can provide you with legal representation during a trial and can also keep you updated regarding the criminal laws in your area.