White collar crimes are a variety of non-violent crimes usually committed in commercial or business situations for financial gain. Most of these crimes are prosecuted by the federal government and are very serious in nature. The term "White collar" refers to the fact that people who commit these crimes are usually high-powered professionals, as opposed to "Blue-Collar" laborers.

Examples of White Collar Crimes

  • Computer / Internet Fraud
    • Applying for credit cards online under false names
    • Unauthorized use of a computer or information on that computer
    • Manipulation of computer files
    • Computer sabotage / hacking
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
    • Misleading creditors
    • Concealing assets from the bankruptcy court or your bankruptcy lawyer
  • Bribery
    • Offering of money or anything of value which is used for the purpose of influencing the actions of the decision maker
  • Credit Card Fraud
    • Unauthorized use of a credit card
    • Identity theft
  • Counterfeiting
    • Copying or imitating an item without authorization with the intention to try and pass it off as the genuine article
    • This is mostly associated with money but can also apply to drivers’ licenses, immigration papers, or any other important documents
  • Trade Secret Theft
    • Theft or misappropriation of trade secret information
    • A trade secret is anything used in a business that makes them different, and for that secret to be exposed would cause the business to lose substantial value
    • An example of this would be for an employee of Coca-cola to leak their recipe to Pepsi and get paid for it
  • Health Care Fraud
    • Usually has some relation to insurance and includes but is not limited to:
      • Kick backs
      • Billing for services not rendered
      • Billing for unnecessary equipment
      • Billing by a lesser qualified person – like a nurse billing under the hours of a doctor
      • Any kind of falsification of records to make an additional profit
  • Insider Trading
    • Those with privileged information take special advantage and reap profits or avoid losses in the stock market to the detriment of the typical investor
    • More information about securities law can be found at Securities Law
  • Anti-Trust Violations
    • Attempts by one or two companies to dominate a particular market by getting rid of all competition.
    • More information about anti-trust violations can be found at Anti-trust and Trade Regulation

Accused of a White Collar Crime?

If you are accused of a White Collar Crime, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney immediately to learn more about your rights, your defenses and the complicated legal system. 

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