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What Is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud, which is a form of financial fraud, has become a common practice in today’s world. The United States has an estimated $1 billion dollars in various credit card fraud practices each year. Therefore, it is important to understand ways of preventing and reporting lost or stolen credit cards. 

How Do I Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud can be prevented by exercising some practical safety precautions. These include: 

An important step is to regularly obtain credit reports. Credit reports help you to determine what outstanding loans and obligations are under your name. 

What Should I Do as the Victim of Credit Card Fraud? 

It is imperative to report your card stolen immediately to the issuer of the original card. Many companies have 24 hour phone lines to report lost or stolen cards. In addition, other agencies below can be contacted: 

Under federal law, the maximum liability of card holders for lost or stolen credit cards is $50 upon reporting. 

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced attorney can help to assist you in dealing with credit card fraud. In addition, an attorney can help you to bring a cause of action against any individual found that used your credit card. 

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