False Claims Act Litigation: Fraud against the Government

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What Is the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act provides the government with means of attacking fraud through an action for multiple damages and penalties. In addition, the Act supplements the government's efforts by authorizing and encouraging private citizens to initiate a civil action on the Government's behalf.

Is There Liability for Making a False Claim against the Government?

The False Claims Act imposes liability for defrauding the government by making false or fraudulent claims for money or property. The Act also imposes liability for retaliating against certain private individuals who assist or participate in the investigation and prosecution of cases under the Act.

What Types of Fraudulent Acts Fall Under the Act?

Liable acts under U.S. law come from U.S.C.A § 3729(A)(1)-(7). They are as follows:

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

Fraud against the government claims are far more common than most people realize. When an individual faces such a claim it will be very important to contact a criminal defense lawyer. These claims are generally complicated, expensive, and carry heavy monetary fines and other penalties.

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