Telemarketing travel scams are type of fraud individuals use to illegally take money from other individuals. The distinguishing aspect of travel fraud is the importance of finding new recruits to participate.  To facilitate this scheme, individuals call potential travelers and say they have won a free trip. However, inherent in these free packages are upfront costs and other telemarketing pitches that require consumers to purchase products. Many participants never receive the free trip, or wind up facing enormous costs related to paying for hotel rooms, products, or hidden expenses.

Are Travel Scams Successful?

These organizations are successful because many potential buyers become enamored with the great deal promised. However, the promised trip always comes with high costs that are not disclosed to the winner. Many willing participants become victims by writing checks on the promise that they will receive a free trip that never occurs, keeping these scams afloat.   

What Steps Can I Take as a Victim?

Travel telemarketing frauds are against the law. Therefore, it is likely a criminal offense to knowingly participate in a telemarketing travel fraud. Some steps victims can take include: 

  • Contact the Police – These telemarketers target naive consumers, which can constitute fraud. Contacting the local law enforcement officials may be the best way to track down the founders of the scheme and to return money to the rightful owners. 
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission – The FTC regularly helps the Justice Department to prosecute travel scams and fraud. If travel scams has crossed state lines, the federal government has jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute these individuals. 

What Should I Do If I Suspect I am Subject to a Telemarketing Travel Scam or Fraud?

Individuals should remember that travel fraud can extend to variety of areas. Therefore, ask questions about the terms of the trip. People should think about whether the trip sounds too good to be true, and should learn as much as they can before agreeing to anything or writing checks.

Should I Consult an Attorney?

Telemarketing travel deals are fraud, and only a criminal defense attorney can help to advise you on a course of action. If you have been victim of one of these scams, a civil suit may be in order, and filing a lawsuit requires an experienced lawyer near you