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What is Possession of Adderall?

In California, possessing Adderall without a valid prescription conviction can result in 364 days in county jail. Possessing the drug with the intent to sell is a felony. A conviction can result in two to four years in state prison. California law makes it illegal to sell and transport the prescription drug Adderall without authorization.

What Does a Prosecutor Need to Prove to Convict Me of this Offense?

A prosecutor needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt:

What Does “Transportation” Mean?

Transportation means the defendant moved the Adderall from one location to another. It doesn’t matter where it was moved, so long as the Adderall was moved. 

What is Considered a “Usable” Amount? 

California defines a usable amount as being enough of the pills to be used by someone as a controlled substance. The actual amount doesn’t need to a usable amount by a specific user. However, debris or traces of Adderall doesn’t constitute a usable amount. 

What is the Punishment for a Transportation and Sale of Adderall Conviction?

Selling and transporting Adderall is a felony. A conviction of the charge can be three to five years in state prison.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Fight My Adderall Charge?

Yes. Contact a lawyer about defending you against the sale and transportation of Adderall charge.

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