Adderall treats attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. It’s also referred to as the “competition drug” because it increases the ability to study and focus. Those who possess Adderall without a prescription in California can be charged with unlawful possession. But if you try to sell the drug, you will face another criminal charge in the State.

What is The Charge for Selling Adderall?

The charge is generally called possession of Adderall for Sale. Under California law, it’s unlawful to possess Adderall in usable about with the intent to sell.

Is It the Same Charge as Trafficking Adderall?

No. The intent to traffic refers to more than just selling Adderall. Trafficking is the more serious charge of when a defendant is accused of manufacturing, possessing, purchasing, delivering, or selling Adderall.

Is It Illegal to Sell My Own Adderall Pills?

Yes, it’s illegal for individuals to sell prescription drugs without a valid license to write prescriptions. It’s also illegal to give or distribute prescription drugs without a valid license.

What Does Intent to Sell Refer to in This Adderall Charge?

It means the defendant intended to exchange something of value for the Adderall pills. The term “something of value” generally means anything ranging from money or food to services and goods.

What’s the Sentence for Adderall Possession with the Intent to Sale?

Possessing Adderall with intent to sell is a felony. In California, it carries the criminal sentence of two to four years in state prison.

Are There Strong Defenses I Can Use to Fight an Adderall Possession with the Intent to Sale Charge?

Yes. One common defense used is that there was no intent to sell. This defense challenges the prosecutor’s claim the defendant intended to sell the drug to someone. Instead, the defendant possessed Adderall for personal use.

Should I Contact a Lawyer to Represent Me in My Adderall Charge?

Yes. Hiring a California criminal lawyer will help you fight the Adderall charge you face in California.