An imitation drug is commonly called a synthetic drug. The drug used to be manufactured in connection with party or club drugs. Over the years, they’ve been manufactured to mimic drugs like cocaine, LDS, or marijuana. In Arizona, the penalties for synthetic drugs are just as harsh as trafficking, selling, or possessing non-synthetic drugs.

What Does Counterfeit Preparation Mean in Arizona Drug Law?

Counterfeit preparation means the drug was manufactured to appear like a certain drug, but it is a completely different drug.

What are the Categories of Synthetic Drugs?

In general, the three categories of counterfeit drugs include:

What is a Simple Possession Sentence in Arizona?

Possession of a synthetic drug with intent to use is a misdemeanor. The charge applies to any intent to possess and use any synthetic drug that is prescription-only, over-the-counter, or a controlled substance. Possession can be punished with four months in jail and a $750 fine.

What is the Sentence for Manufacturing, Possessing, or Distributing Synthetic Drugs?

Distributing, manufacturing, possessing synthetic drugs with the intent to distribute is a class 6 felony. The prison term is up to one year in prison.

What If I am Accused of Selling or Administering the Imitation Drug to a Minor?

The charge is a class 5 felony in Arizona. The maximum sentence a defendant can face is up to two years in prison.

What About the Prison Term for Distributing, Possessing, Selling Imitation Overt-the-Counter or Prescription Drugs?

Yes, it’s a class 6 felony for possessing, distributing and/or synthetic selling prescription drugs. But it is a class 5 felony for anyone convicted of administering or selling the synthetic drugs to a minor.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight My Synthetic Drug Charge in Arizona?

Yes, talk to a criminal lawyer in Arizona to learn the possible defenses available and how to fight the charge.