Actiq fentanyl is a highly addictive type of narcotic. It’s about 80 times more potent than another narcotic called morphine. Actiq fentanyl is available in patches and lollipop forms. If the drug is in lollipop form, then it will enter the bloodstream faster. The drug was first prescribed to aid in pain relief in cancer patients.

The effects of Actiq fentanyl has made the drug highly addictive. Actiq fentanyl has been compared to Oxcontin, a similar prescription drug. Oxycontin abuse and drug trafficking has resulted in many large scale operations to put more of the drug on the streets for illegal consumption. Actiq fentanyl is being abused in the same way.

Is Actiq Fentanyl a Drug being Trafficked Illegally?

Yes. The drug has been the subject of thefts in various pharmacies just like oxycodone.

Can I Get in Trouble for Possessing Actiq Fentanyl without a Prescription?

Yes. A drug arrest happens when police arrest an individual on suspicion of possessing drugs, using drugs, or drug trafficking. Drug possession occurs when a person has fentanyl in his possession without a valid prescription. The criminal sentence, if convicted, could include up to a year behind bars and a fine. To be charged with drug possession, an individual must:

  • Knowingly obtain Actiq fentanyl or knowingly be in control of Actiq fentanyl
  • Fail to get rid of Actiq fentanyl after realizing he had them in his possession
  • Intend to use Actiq fentanyl illegally (for non-medical purposes)

Can I Be Arrested for Giving Actiq Fentanyl to Someone?

Yes. Anyone who sells or gives an illegal narcotic to some can be charged with drug distribution. In some jurisdictions, states consider giving a friend a narcotic to hold aiding and abetting the distribution of the drug.

Should I Talk to a Criminal Lawyer about Actiq Fentanyl Crimes?

It’s highly recommended you contact a criminal lawyer if you are accused of a drug crime.