According to state law, the defendant must knowingly manufacture marijuana. The prosecution must show that the defendant intend to prepare marijuana for distribution. This includes packing, repacking, labeling, and relabeling the drug container.

I Didn’t Physically Manufacture Marijuana, Can I Be Charged with a Crime?

Yes, the manufacturing of an illegal substance typically involves more than one person. A conspiracy to manufacture marijuana charge is possible even if a person wasn’t directly involved in the process. 

What is the Criminal Sentence for a Manufacturing Marijuana Conviction?

A criminal conviction for manufacturing less than 10 pounds is a class I felony punishable by up to eight months in prison.

Is Manufacturing Marijuana the Same as Marijuana Cultivation?

No. They are separate charges. To cultivate marijuana refers to growing, producing, or possessing marijuana plants. Proving marijuana cultivation involves:

  • The suspect having the physical materials and plants used to cultivate marijuana
  • The suspect intending to cultivate the marijuana for illegal purposes
  • The suspect intending to cultivate the marijuana without legal authorization

Is There a Difference in a Manufacturing Marijuana and Marijuana Cultivation Charge?

No, both are class I felonies. This means the sentence is three to eight months in prison.

Can a Criminal Attorney Help Me Build a Defense to a Manufacturing Marijuana Charge?

Yes, talk to a criminal attorney about possible defenses to a manufacturing marijuana charge.