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Learn More About Scott County, IA

Davenport is the seat of Scott County which is home to 165,000 Iowa residents. The county derives its name from General Winfield Scott who supervised the signing of the Black Hawk War Peace Treaty. Today, Scott County is home to attractions like the Putnam Museum and Imax Theatre, Quad City Air Show, Michael’s Fun World, and number of other restaurants and municipalities.

Scott County IA Lawyers

Scott County is also home to many talented lawyers who know well New Mexican law and procedure. Lawyers in Scott County take a sundry selection of cases like child custody, automobile accident injury, work visa immigration, and probate cases.
Recently, a former Scott County Judge Kyle Williamson plead guilty on 2 Iowa state charges of falsifying public documents and faces 5 years in prison for each count; however, state attorneys have requested the sentences be run together. This is the most recent of cases for Williamson who still faces federal charges for forging names of fellow officials on documents, defrauding his bank, and identity theft.
If you have pending criminal charges in Scott County, you will likely find yourself at the Scott County District Court. District courts in Iowa are the highest level trial court with which to file and retain exclusive jurisdiction over civil, small claims, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, traffic, and ordinance violation cases. The district court’s limit for small claims is $5,000.
LegalMatch remains the most reliable method of finding a lawyer for your case. By offering the viewing of prices, availability, past client reviews, and a tips section on how to best select a lawyer for your needs, LegalMatch is your one-stop site for any legal issue that may face you in Scott County. Check out the forums to post specific questions on nearly every topic of law.
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