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Voted by Forbes Magazine as the 15th “Best Small Place For Business and Careers,” Dubuque has always been a city renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit. Founded as a small European settlement in 1673, Dubuque started as a humble lead mining town. However following it’s incorporation into a city in 1833, the tiny village quickly grew into a major manufacturing center for America. Everything from timber to boats and automobiles were made there. Today, Dubuque has kept up with the times. Numerous technology and publishing firms call the city home.
Dubuque’s entrepreneurial spirit can even be seen in the city’s legal industry. There are countless talented and experienced Dubuque lawyers. Attorneys in this city practice across a wide array law, including: criminal law, employment and labor law, tax, immigration law, family and juvenile law, worker’s compensation, probate, personal injury, intellectual property, and elder law to name just a few.
Recently, a Dubuque waitress sustained second degree burns while working at a restaurant. The waitress was grabbing plates in the kitchen. The restaurant’s chef was standing behind her shallow frying some food. As the waitress turned around, the chef turned as well, lifting up his pan and knocking it into the waitress, spilling hot oil on her. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was told by the hospital’s staff that she wouldn’t be able to return to work for at least two weeks. The restaurant’s owner refused to pay her worker’s compensation for her injury, claiming that it was because she was the cause of the accident. The waitress hired a Dubuque attorney who filed a civil lawsuit against the owner. After a few months of negotiations, the matter was eventually settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount in favor of the waitress.
Dubuque residents seeking to file a lawsuit should find a lawyer who has a deep understanding of both the Dubuque County Court, as well as Iowa District Court for the First District.
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