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Learn More About Iowa City, IA

Iowa City is the county seat of Johnson County and home of the University of Iowa. Iowa City is 2008 Forbes Magazine’s Second Best Small Metropolitan Area for doing business in the U.S.. Iowa City is also well known for the Great Iowa Flood of 2008 which reached a record level of over 30ft. The flood had a serious effect on the University which reported 19 buildings affected by the water.
Attorneys in Iowa City can be found in most fields of law. Attorneys in the area practice in fields such as bankruptcy, business, criminal, employment, family, immigration, real estate, personal injury, will/trust and many other fields of law. An attorney specializing in one field of law is not necessarily qualified for others. It is important to know that your attorney is qualified and experienced for the area of law that your case requires.
Michael Ray Garr was recently sentenced in the U.S. District Court in Iowa City to 200 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to possession of stolen firearms and possession of a firearm as a felon. Garr will also face charges of burglary and selling stolen property. Garr obtained at least 25 firearms during the Great Iowa Flood of 2008. During the forced evacuation, Garr and his co-defendants burglarized homes and stole personal property and firearms. Garr was arrested after attempting to sell a gun to an undercover officer.
Criminal cases in Iowa City, such as assault cases and firearm possession, will be originally filed in the Johnson County Criminal Court. Most trial cases, including civil disputes, will likely be filed in Iowa’s 6th District Court. Every case has a place in some court, so it is important that your attorney knows where to file the case and that he is familiar with that court.
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