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Learn More About Marshalltown, IA

Marshalltown is the seat of Marshall County in the State of Iowa. Marshalltown is home to 26,000 residents and dates back to 1853. Marshalltown is home to a number of businesses like Fakespace, Fisher Controls that makes valves and accessories for manufacturing, Lennox furnace and air conditioner makers, Marshalltown Company that makes archaeological tools, and Swift & Company that is a well known meatpacking plant.
Marshalltown is home to some knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with local Marshall County district courts and procedures. Lawyers in Marshalltown take broad range of cases including bankruptcy, medical malpractice, real property, divorce, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI and DWI cases.
Recently in Marshalltown, Marshall County officials are wrestling with the possibility of outlawing the use of your cell phone while driving. Marshall County would be the first in the State of Iowa to follow suit behind states like California and New York. The Marshall County Sheriff’s office issued a comment saying that the ban would be too time consuming and costly to enforce but county supervisors are still pressuring Iowa State Legislatures for a response on the issue.
If you have a traffic case in Marshalltown then you will probably be heading to the 2nd Judicial District Court that serves Marshall County. Iowa State District Courts offer exclusive jurisdiction over many different courts like civil, small claims, domestic relations, juvenile, and criminal cases but also take traffic violations.
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