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Learn More About Council Bluffs, IA

Council Bluffs is the seat of Pottawattamie County and is home to about 60,000 residents who enjoy the Missouri River which borders the west of the city. Council Bluffs was named for the meeting of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions and was hand picked by President Abraham Lincoln to be the Eastern terminus for the Transcontinental Railroad.
Council Bluffs is also home to a number of knowledgeable lawyers who are well acquainted with local and state court procedures. Lawyers in Council Bluffs admit a wide variety of cases, some typical examples include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, child support, DUI, estate administration, and wrongful termination cases among others.
Recently in Council Bluffs, resident Sidney Leytham drove his Pontiac Grand Prix into Omaha resident Ryan Kyle’s 1992 Chevy Metro. The force of the collision flipped the Chevy Metro onto its top where it slid along the guardrail for a reported forty yards. Leytham’s automobile slid along the same mile marker 5 guardrail until it came to a stop, at which point Leytham wandered away from the scene. He maintains that he was disoriented and injured, not that he was trying to get away. No charges have been filed, however, hit and run laws in Iowa may carry potential felony charges, up to 5 years in prison, and even heavy fines.
If you are accused of a hit and run or any other crime in Council Bluffs, you will likely be visiting the West Pottawattamie County District 4 Court in Council Bluffs. Iowa has one trial level court with which to file, the district court level, but district courts also have separate jurisdictional divisions. Lawsuits should be filed with the Civil Division, for example, and domestic issues like divorce and child support are handled by the Family Division.
LegalMatch is a free service that pairs you with the best selection of Council Bluffs lawyers. Simply fill out a brief summary of your legal issue and Council Bluffs lawyers will review your case and quote you a price. You can check availability, read past customer reviews, and compare prices but you may want to read our tips on selecting a lawyer. All of LegalMatch’s lawyers are Iowa bar members and they even guarantee your satisfaction.
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