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Learn More About Ames, IA

Located in the heart of Iowa, the city of Ames is a great place to live and raise a family. The city is the home of the Iowa State University of Science and Technology which is a major research university with great colleges of Agriculture, Design Engineering and Veterinary Medicine.
When you have been served with a legal complaint in Ames, you should probably talk to one of experienced Ames lawyers in the area. These attorneys are quite knowledgeable in many areas of law such as personal injury, business, corporations, employment discrimination, contracts, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, and more.
An Ames woman has recently filed suit against the city of Ames and one if its police officers who she accuses of breaking her shoulder. The woman had recently suffered a massive heart attack and was back at home living alone. A female police officer had checked on her a few days earlier and was assured that the woman was doing fine. The Ames woman’s daughter, becoming concerned for her mother’s health, called the hospital that sent over the accused police officer to bring the woman into the hospital. With the daughter present, the police officer allegedly yelled at the woman to quit the drama and assent to be taken to the hospital, but the woman refused and threw a plastic cup of water at the officer. The officer then allegedly yanked the woman from her chair by her arm which resulted in a sever fracture in the elderly Ames woman’s shoulder.
Ames is served by the 2nd District Court of Iowa which hears both civil and criminal cases. If your lawsuit arose in Ames, your case will likely be heard in this court. A local attorney who regularly practices in this court would be happy to represent you.
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