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Learn More About Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls is a Black Hawk County city that plays host to the University of Northern Iowa. The underground music scene in Cedar falls for the past 30 years was chronicled in the recent documentary The Secret History of the Cedar Valley which was a collaboration between bands, labels, and venues to compile the footage.
Cedar Falls is home to a handful of very talented lawyers too. Lawyers in Cedar Falls advise clients on a diverse selection of cases, some examples include: divorce, wrongful termination, chapter 7 bankruptcy, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI and drug possession.
Recently in Cedar Falls, an Iowa insurance agent was sentenced to 15 years in prison for defrauding clients which is beyond the maximum sentencing guidelines. Jack Straw was running Benefit Services Corporation was convicted of cheating his clients out of over $1 million. After Straw finishes his sentence, he will be supervised for 3 years and also must pay $700 for a court ordered assessment. A separate civil trial for his victims has been scheduled.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Cedar Falls, you will be visiting the Black Hawk County District Court. Iowa District Courts are the only trial level court with which you may file in the state and retain exclusive jurisdiction over most cases that arise in the area except immigration cases. The U.S. Immigration Court handles all immigration matters.
It’s best to hire a pre-screened Cedar Falls lawyer from LegalMatch to make sure that your case is handled correctly so that you don’t have to lose money due to re-filing. LegalMatch services are free and their website also offers some great reference materials like an online Law Library and Legal Forums on which you may post more specific questions.
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