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Learn More About Fort Dodge, IA

Fort Dodge is located in Webster County and has a population of over 25,000. It originated as a fort for the United States Army until becoming its own city in 1869. Fort Dodge is now a major commercial center with key industries in gypsum and limestone mining, drywall manufacturing, and trucking.

In July 2007, Fort Dodge resident John Weimer Jr. filed a lawsuit against International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., alleging that a popcorn flavoring chemical manufactured by the company caused him lung damage. The chemical was purchased and used by Snappy Popcorn Company plant, where Weimer was a manager. Weimer claimed that he incurred popcorn lung, a respiratory disease, from the vapors of the chemical flavoring while working at the plant. The parties eventually reached a settlement agreement.

If you are injured during the course of your employment, worker’s compensation is typically your only remedy. While worker’s compensation guarantees you an award for your injuries without the burdens of court proceedings, they are generally much smaller than potential awards from lawsuits. However, there are exceptions to the worker’s compensation remedy that enable you to sue your employer in addition to obtaining worker’s comp. One example is injury incurred as a result of an employer’s intentional actions. In addition, as the popcorn flavoring case illustrated above, injury on the job is not always attributed to your employer and thus would not fall under worker’s compensation. An attorney is best equipped to evaluate your particular circumstances and recover the optimal remedy for you.

Civil and criminal cases arising from Fort Dodge are heard by the Second Judicial District Court, located in Fort Dodge. Whether it is personal injury, a family dispute, or a criminal charge, it is important for any individual to understand the legal recourses at his or her disposal. There are several attorneys with various specialties practicing in the Fort Dodge area, and LegalMatch can match you, for free, with one that fits your needs. Visit our website to learn how to hire the right lawyer for you.

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