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Morristown is the seat of Hamblen County. Morristown was the birthplace and adolescent home to pioneer Davy Crocket as well as the home of Frankie Randall who held 3 world titles after being the first to beat Julio Caesar Chavez. The Cherokee Reservoir and Panther Creek State Park are just two of the local attractions that draw outdoor enthusiasts from Morristown and abroad.

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Since Morristown is the seat of Hamblin County, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the city plays host to some outstanding lawyers. Lawyers in Morristown are familiar with local courts and a wide variety of cases, typical examples include: Chapter 13 bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, and criminal cases like DUI/DWI charges.

Recently, Grainger County Sheriffs Deputy Trenedy Brooks was arrested on charges including statutory rape and solicitation of a minor. Brooks is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Morristown this coming week and was released on a $60,000 bond. Brooks was suspended mid-2009 as well while the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation conducted their probe into an unrelated Brooks incident. Federal law mandates that all persons convicted of sex crimes must register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

If you have civil lawsuit to file in Morristown then you will be heading to the Hamblen Circuit and General Sessions Court in Morristown. Hamblen Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over many different cases like tort, real property, probate, and domestic relations. Tennessee General Sessions Courts take many of the same cases but have exclusive jurisdiction over small claims cases that do not exceed $25,000 and landlord/tenant cases. Visa, citizenship, and deportation cases are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration Court in Memphis, Tennessee.

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