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The city of Maryville is home to Maryville College, one of the fifty oldest colleges in the United States. Before the Civil War, Maryville was one of the centers of the abolitionist movement due to the large population of Quakers who lived in the area. Maryville was also once home to the famous statesman Sam Houston, who taught school age children at the schoolhouse in Maryville before going off to start his military and political career.

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In addition to its rich history, Maryville is also full of talented Maryville lawyers. These attorneys are available to represent you in areas of law including tax, personal injury, wills and trusts, divorce, family law, bankruptcy, and many more.

In 2006, a Maryville man took over his daughter’s lawsuit against the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) after his daughter died from cancer. The suit claims that the deceased daughter was exposed to asbestos every day her father came home from work with the fibers stuck in his clothing, and that this is what caused her cancer. The Maryville man took over the suit and is now arguing that Alcoa should have warned their employees about the substances they were working with and the precautions they should take before getting home. Alcoa is arguing that they have no responsibility because the Maryville man’s daughter was not their employee.

Maryville houses the Blount County Circuit Court which hears all types of cases from civil claims all the way to felony criminal cases. Having a local attorney at your side when you enter this court is a major advantage for anyone who has a lawsuit in Maryville.

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