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Brentwood is a wealthy suburb of Nashville that hosts old plantation homes and a rich civil war history. Brentwood has always been one of the most affluent parts of Tennessee as a result of plentiful Williamson County farmland and a central location. The city of Brentwood is also consumed with art and culture. Crockett Park’s Eddy Arnold Amphitheatre regularly stages free shows with headliners like the Nashville Symphony. Since approximately 418 acres of Brentwood’s total 41 square miles is made up of city parks, it is no mystery why citizens of Brentwood often reside there after multiple generations.

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Brentwood lawyers have recently been mediating a dispute between Cumberland Environmental Resources Company and a group of 38 workers which they recruited from various Latin American countries. The workers claim that Cumberland Environmental Resources Company charged them for thousands of dollars in travel costs and work visas, and not been given the hazardous material clean-up jobs for which they were recruited.

Lawyers in Brentwood are able to assist you in legal areas like mediation, employment law, or business disputes. Brentwood lawyers are knowledgeable of the Courts in Brentwood, Williamson County, and the state of Tennessee. If you are filing a case in Brentwood it is important to note that Tennessee still uses Chancery Courts. While often times the acting equivalent to Circuit Courts, Chancery Courts hear a wide range of cases both criminal and civil. To successfully navigate the Tennessee Court System it is important you have a dependable Brentwood lawyer who can assist you through the process.

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