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Legal Definitions – C (Page 2)

Clear Title – When the title to a piece of real property is valid and does not contain any encumbrances.

Clemency – When a chief executive, usually the governor of a state or leader of a country, forgives a criminal and releases the criminal from a punishment.

Click Fraud – A form of cyber crime that occurs when someone clicks on a "pay per click" advertisement that costs the advertiser money, with no intention of doing business with the advertiser.

Clickwrap License – An agreement that one may choose toi accept by clicking on a button or a hyperlink to accept before one can enjoy a product or a service, usually on an electronic device such as a computer or smart phone.

Close Corporation – A corporation that is owned by a limited number of stockholders. Most states have a specified limit as to how many shareholders a corporation may have and still be classified as a close corporation.

Cohabitation Agreement – An agreement between two people that are currently cohabitating without being married that provides rights and obligations to both parties similar to those rights available to married couples.

Collateral Source Rule – A way a person can receive compensation for their injuries, independent of the liability owed by the person who caused the injury. Collateral sources are typically insurance benefits arising from a health insurance policy.

Collection – The process by which creditors attempt to get payment from nonpaying debtors.

Commercial Banking – An area of banking that concerns the banking transactions of businesses.

Commercial Driver’s License – A type of driver’s license that is required to operate certain motor vehicles, such as buses or big rigs.

Commercial General Liability – A type of commercial insurance policy that most businesses carry that covers basic bodily, physical injuries to visitors of the business premises, as well as various property damage claims.

Commercial Real Estate – The real estate used by a business to operate, such as a store or an office building.

Common Law – Systems of law that are developed through court cases decisions and judicial rulings. These rulings are called "case law."

Community Property – Anything that a married couple accumulates during the marriage, in which both spouses own a half portion of the whole.

Community Shield Program – A joint law enforcement immigration effort that targets illegal aliens in association with street gangs and crime.

Compensatory Damages – Damages that are meant to "compensate" the plaintiff for their losses.

Computer Fraud & Abuse Act – A federal law that governs certain computer-related crimes.

Conditional Plea Bargain – A plea that allows the defendant to request that the court review specific legal issues before the plea can be enforced.

Conditional Use Permit – A permit that allows a city or county to consider special uses for land that may be needed or desired by a particular community.

Condominium – A residence where people literally own their own units and the air space within the unit, but have ownership and obligations for the common areas with the other condominium owners.

Consensual Search – A search that occurs when a person gives the police consent or permission to search them or their property.

Consideration – Something of value exchanged between parties in the context of a contract agreement.

Constitutional Law – An area of law that encompasses any law or right that originates from the United States Constitution. American constitutional law is the body of law that regulates the federal, state, and local governments of the United States.

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