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Zero Tolerance – A policy that allows a school to suspend or expel a student for committing certain exceptionally dangerous activities regardless of the student’s intent or circumstances.

Zoning Ordinance – A local law that specifies the regulations applicable to each zone. This type of ordinance is often accompanied by a zoning map, which is a map of the area indicating the zone characteristics of each parcel of land within the community. See also: How to Find Zoning Laws and Ordinances, Violating Zoning, What Are Zoning Regulations?

Zoning Variance – The process by which a property owner can request permission to deviate from the applicable zoning ordinance in their use of the property.

Zoo Liability – The liability a zoo may face if it does not safely maintain the zoo premises and for not properly monitoring the animals, especially non-domesticated animals.

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Legal Dictionary - X, Y, Z