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Buy or Lease? Commercial Real Estate Pros and Cons

As the old business saying goes: location, location, location. A business often depends on the location of its commercial real estate to survive and grow. Retailers use their location to draw in as many customers as possible, while other businesses may be more concerned about lease rates, square footage, and convenient access for their employees.

Factors whether to Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate:

Types of Commercial Leases

There are many different types of commercial leases a business owner may enter into with a landlord. Some examples of commercial leases are:

Commercial Leases vs Residential Leases

Buying Commercial Property

If you have decided to buy commercial real estate, you should be aware of many factors included in your offer and affecting your possession and title to the piece of commercial real estate.  

Should I Consult a Real Estate Attorney about my Commercial Property Issue?

Before making or accepting an offer regarding a piece of commercial real estate, or deciding to lease a particular property, you should consult an attorney. Consulting experienced commercial real estate lawyers will make certain that your interests are represented in the negotiation process. A real estate attorney can also help inform you of whether renting or buying a space would be best for your business. Additionally, a real estate attorney can inform you of whether your proposed business will comply with local land use and zoning laws.

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