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What Is Cyber Crime?

A cyber crime is a crime that is committed via the internet. It is hard to catch cyber criminals because they do not leave physical evidence. Furthermore, a cyber criminal can be committing crimes from anywhere in the world. Law enforcement officials are not yet adequately equipped to handle such criminal activity.

What Are Some Examples of Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime can take a variety of different forms. The more common ones are:

What Are the Likely Consequences for Committing a Cyber Crime?

Cyberspace is a new world where few laws have been made to fight criminal activity. However, people still get punished if they are caught for a cyber crime. Depending on the severity of the cyber crime, punishment can include:

What Defenses Do I Have If I Am Accused of Cyber Stalking?

Cyber stalking follows many of the same rules as “in person” stalking, so many of the defenses will be the same:

What Defenses Do I Have If I Am Accused of Identity Theft?

Due to the way identity theft is often written by lawmakers, a few key defenses can get a defendant completely off:

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Cyber crimes are growing rapidly as internet use becomes more widespread. If you are a victim of a cyber crime, there are attorneys that specialize in getting compensation for cyber crime victims. If you were charged with a cyber crime, you should also contact an attorney to learn more about your rights and defenses.

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