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Legal Definitions – F

Fair Housing Act – A federal law that prohibits housing discrimination against certain protected groups when renting or buying real estate.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) – A federal law that determines which employees are entitled to overtime and minimum wage; it also dictates rules governing child labor.

Fair Use – A doctrine that permits the use of a copyrighted work by someone other than the copyright owner for certain limited purposes.

Fake Checks – Checks that have been counterfeited to appear as though they are official checks, when in reality they are not.

False Advertising – Advertisements that contain representations that are false, misleading, or deceptive.

False Arrest – An arrest that is made without legal justification.

False Imprisonment – The detention of a person without any justification, consent, or authorization by law.

False Pretenses – A crime where someone lies or makes misrepresentations in order to obtain someone else’s property.

Family Law – An area of the law that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations, such as divorce and child custody.

Fee Simple – An estate in land that is absolute, meaning that the property owner possesses the property indefinitely and without any restrictions.

Fee Tail – A conveyance of an interest in real property to a property owner’s biological descendants. It is identified by the words “and the heirs of his body.”

Felony – A category of crimes that are often classified as the most serious types of offenses.

Fiancé Visa – A special visa that is available only to foreign citizens that are coming to the United States to marry a United States citizen that they have met within the past two years.

Fiduciary Duty – A legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests.

Field Sobriety Test – A test administered by a police officer in public to determine if a driver is sober.

Final Tax Return – A tax return filed by an executor of an estate on behalf of the decedent.

First Sale Doctrine – A legal doctrine that enables a new owner of a physical copy of a copyrighted work to resell his copy without the permission of the holder of the copyright.

Finance Law – An area of law that governs financial transactions.

Floating Home – A floating structure that is designed and built to be used as a residential dwelling. Each state has its own additional requirements that a structure must meet in order to qualify as a floating home.

Food Borne Illness – A category of illnesses that are caused by eating contaminated food. It is also known as food poisoning.

Food Stamp – A voucher issued by the government to low income residents that can be exchanged for food.

Force Majeure Clause – A contract clause that excuses a party or both parties for not performing their obligations under a contract if certain circumstances occur.

Foreclosure – A foreclosure is the forced sale of a home or property by a financial institution such as a bank or mortgage company. See Also: Foreclosure Alternatives, Foreclosure Auction Process, Foreclosure Legal Defenses

Forgery – Creating, altering, forging, or imitating any document with the intent to defraud another person.

Form Will – A document that you pecan purchase that contains the legal language needed to create a will. The form leaves blank spaces for personal information such as names and addresses.

Forum Clause – A forum clause (also known as a “choice of law” clause) that is included in a contract so that only the laws of a certain jurisdiction will apply if there is a contract dispute. For example, a forum clause might state: “This agreement shall only be interpreted under the laws of Arizona.”

Foster Parent – An adult who cares for and raises a child that they are not related to under the direction or supervision of a welfare agency.

Fraudulent Transfer – A transfer of assets with the sole purpose of preventing or avoiding a creditor’s collection attempt.

Freedom of Speech – A right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas that is protected by the First Amendment.

Freedom of Information Act – A federal law that gives people the right to access certain information from the federal government.

Frivolous Lawsuit – Any lawsuit that is filed with the intention of harassing, annoying, or disturbing the opposite party.

Full Faith and Credit Clause – A Constitutional clause that requires judges in a state to recognize and enforce valid decrees and judgments from the courts of other states.

Furlough – When employees are placed on a temporary non-duty, unpaid status for a specified period of time, such as every 1st Monday of the month. It may be voluntary or mandatory.

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