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Legal Definitions – W

Wage Discriminated Employees – Employees against whom discrimination is being exhibited through the employer paying them a lower wage in comparision to their fellow employees.

Wage Garnishment – The process where money is deducted from a person’s paycheck pursuant to a court order in order to pay a debt that the person owes.

Warning Defect – A defect that occurs where the manufacturer of a product failed to include adequate warnings for the product.

Warranties – Guarantees that the seller of goods or products makes about a good or product. They include both express warranties that the seller affirmatively makes and implied warranties.

Warrantless Search – A search in an area where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy that is conducted by police without first obtaining a search warrant.

Warranty Contract – A formal agreement that specifically lists the warranties that are a part of the agreement.

Warranty Deed – A certain type of deed to property through which the seller guarantees that they have “clear title” to the real estate.

Warranty Disclaimer – A statement or written document that informs a buyer that the seller is not bound by any warranty guarantees or promises regarding the product.

Waste – The situation in which the person in current possession of land has failed to maintain it in a manner that is not destructive to the future interest.

Water Contamination – The pollution of water that results in causing illnesses to people that come into contact with the water.

Weather Clause in a Contract – A contract clause that may either grant an extension for any delays in performance caused by unfavorable weather conditions or deny extensions of time for delays caused by the weather.

Webmaster Liability – The liability a webmaster risks facing when they allow for copyrighted or trademarked content to be posted without the copyright or trademark owner’s permission on the website that the webmaster is in charge of.

Welfare Fraud – The intentional misstatement of information or failure to disclose information in one’s benefit application regarding eligibility that results in one receiving welfare benefits that they are not entitled to.

Whistleblowing – The act of an employee reporting an employer who is breaking the law to an external law enforcement agency.

White Collar Crimes – A subset of criminal law that deals with crimes committed by individuals in business and in government. These crimes are generally non-violent in nature and often involve motives of financial gain. See also: White Collar Crime Prosecution, Small Businesses and White Collar Crime, Defending Against Allegations of White Collar Crime

Wi-Fi Connection Laws – Laws governing the use of and connecting to wireless internet, more commonly known as wi-fi, such as laws prohibiting using another’s unsecured wi-fi without their consent.

Wi-Fi Scam – A scam in which a person or persons set up a fake wi-fi service for the purpose of gaining access to the computer files of persons who use the connection.

Widow’s Will Election – The right of a widow to elect to receive property upon the death of a spouse according to the governing state laws, or to choose to receive whatever property is left to the widow under the will.

Wild Deed – An improperly recorded deed that is not indexed or connected to the chain of title. This type of deed is extremely difficult to discover during a title search, if at all.

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