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What Is Wrongful Adoption?

Wrongful adoption refers to any type of adoption that involves misrepresentation, fraud, deceit or any illegal act during the adoption process with the aim of obtaining financial or personal gain. The party or parties that are found liable for wrongful adoption can include birth mothers, previous parents, adoption agencies, social workers, and other persons. In most cases, the court will hold liable all parties who are involved in the wrongful adoption. Such cases are usually filed by the adoptive parents, and in some cases, the person who was adopted (the "adoptee").

Wrongful adoption is also called by other names such as "adoption fraud". Wrongful adoption cases are serious and may often be filed whether the damages were caused intentionally or by accident. However, the party suing does need to suffer damages in order for there to be a valid claim

What Are Some examples of Wrongful Adoption?

There are many examples of wrongful adoption. Basically, any instance where fraud or misrepresentation is used in order to gain from the adoption process can constitute wrongful adoption. Examples include:

As mentioned, there can be many different variations of wrongful adoption and adoption fraud. If you’re unsure of a particular adoption situation, you may wish to withhold your participation until you are surer of the information and history of all parties involved.

Are There Any Legal Remedies for Wrongful Adoption?

Wrongful adoption cases are generally filed in civil courts rather than through the criminal court process. As mentioned, there needs to be some amount of quantifiable, measurable damages in order for the plaintiff to have a legal claim. Remedies for wrongful adoption usually involve a damages award for issues such as:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Wrongful Adoption Claim?

Wrongful adoption is a serious issue and can result in some strict legal consequences. You may need to hire a family law attorney in your area if you have an issues, conflicts, or questions regarding wrongful adoption. Your lawyer can provide you with legal services, research, and representation to assist with your claim. If you need to attend a court meeting or other hearings, your attorney can be on hand to guide you through those processes as well.

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