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How Can an Adopted Child Obtain Access to Adoption Records?

In nearly all states, adoption records are sealed and not open for public inspection after the adoption is finalized. Most states have procedures where parties to the adoption may obtain both non-identifying information and identifying information regarding the adoption records. At all times the during the adoption record search, the interest of the all parties must be protected.  There are several different methods for an adopted child to obtain identifying information about their adoption:

What Information is in Adoption Records?

When an adoption takes place, the court and adoption agency maintain records of the process and the parties involved.  There are two kinds of information contained in adoption records:

Most states require adoption agencies to compile and share this information with the adopting family. 

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

The rules regarding adoption records can vary drastically from state to state and be very complex.  An experienced family lawyer can help you understand the best ways to obtain access and also represent you in court.

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