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What Is the Adoption Process?

The adoption process is the process by which an individual or a couple goes about obtaining legal custody of a child. This usually is not connected with a divorce or marital dissolution proceeding. Most adoption cases involve an orphaned child or selection through an adoption agency. International adoption is also a potential option.

The adoption process may involve:

What Are the Requirements for Adopting a Child?

These may be different in each region, but requirements for adopting a child generally include:

In cases where the child has special needs, the court may also check to see that the parent or parents will be able to handle the child’s needs. For instance, if the child has a disability or a mental condition, the court may check to see that the adopting parents will be able to provide proper care for the child.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help When Adopting a Child?

Child adoption can involve many different legal issues. You may need to hire a lawyer if you need help with the application process. Your attorney can help research the laws to determine what your rights and obligations are as a potential parent. Also, if you have any legal disputes, your attorney can provide you with representation if you need to appear in court.

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