Open and Closed Adoptions

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Open and Closed Adoptions

Choosing to adopt or give a child up for adoption requires deciding between an open adoption and closed adoption.

What Is an Open Adoption?

This type of adoption allows the biological and adoptive parents to freely communicate with each other before, during, and after the adoption. The communication the biological parents have with the child includes:

The parents decide whether to disclose the full identity and contact information of the biological parents. The amount of information and contact between the biological parents and child depends on how comfortable each set of parents are with different levels of contact.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Having an Adoption That Is Open?

It depends on the person. Some adoptive parents may view the openness as a threat. They may fear the biological parents will intrude on their parenting and connection with the child. The biological parents may worry the child will be confused over who her “real” parents are.

What Is a Closed Adoption?

With a closed adoption, there is no contact between the biological and adoptive parents before, during or after the adoption process. All contact information along with identities are withheld from each set of parents. The adoptive parents will receive some information pertaining to the biological parents’ medical history.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Having an Adoption That Is Closed?

The answer depends on the situation. The child may want to know their biological parents’ identities. The biological parents may want to know the child. The adoptive parents may want to know more about the biological parents.

What Is a Semi-Open Adoption?

A semi-open adoption is a hybrid between open and closed adoptions. This hybrid adoption allows both set of parents to exchange information about each other. The information typically includes:

No other identifying information is included.

Should I Contact an Attorney about an Open Adoption or Closed Adoption?

You absolutely should contact a family law lawyer if you are thinking about giving up or adopting a child. It will be helpful in navigating the process and understanding your rights.

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