What is the Texas Workforce Commission?

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What is the Texas Workforce Commission?

The Texas Workforce Commission or TWC is a state-operated entity that provides a variety of work and employment law related services.  In particular, it provides some guidance for businesses seeking to comply with Texas employment and fair practice laws. 

What Types of Legal Issues Does the TWC Process?

The TWC has a separate division called the Civil Rights Division.  This division handles employment and housing laws, and covers programs involving:

The Civil Rights Division in turn is governed by the Texas Commission on Human Rights.  The Commission has state authority to:

Thus, the TWC handles many different legal claims related to employment and workplace disputes

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help in Dealing With the Texas Workforce Commission?

The TWC is authorized by state to process a wide range of employment, housing, and other claims.  You may need a lawyer for help with filing, reviewing, and assisting with a TWC case.  Your attorney can help interpret Texas state laws for you, and can represent you if you need to make an appearance in court or before a commission board. Many LegalMatch Houston area lawyers have experience bringing employment disputes and workplace related issues to the commission.

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