The Texas Workforce Commission is a state-run entity that processes various legal issues like employment and housing disputes.  Also called the TWC, it handles various tasks and has legal authority to perform functions such as:

  • Investigating employment disputes
  • Acting as a neutral third-part fact finder
  • Resolving employment-related violations

Thus, if an employee has a work-related dispute, they can file a claim with the TWC, which will intervene to provide some legal relief for the worker or workers.  The most common types of cases filed with the TWC generally include discrimination and harassment claims.

What are the Requirements for Filing With the Texas Workforce Commission?

When filing with the TWC, you generally must meet the following requirements:

  • The place of your employment must have its physical address within the state of Texas
  • Your employing company must have at least 15 employees
  • You must specify the category which you are basing the discrimination claim upon (such as age discrimination, race based, religion based discrimination, etc.)
  • You must be able to specifically identify the harm you suffered, such as a denial of promotion, lost wages, wrongful termination, etc.

Also the date of your filing must be within 180 days from the date that the alleged discrimination occurred.  Filing can be done through correspondences with the TWC, or in person with the TWC.

How Does the TWC Work With Federal Agencies?

The TWC is similar to the federal agency called the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  The Texas agency works hand-in-hand with the EEOC on many cases, especially if federal laws or violations are clearly involved.  Once a claim is filed with the TWC, the agency will also notify the EEOC of the filing.

On the other hand, a person usually can’t file with both the EEOC and TWC; they must generally begin with the state filing first.  Also, the employee is usually required to file with the TWC before they can file a private lawsuit.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help Filing With the Texas Workforce Commission?

TWC claims for employment are usually directed to the agency’s Civil Rights Division.  You will likely need to hire a Texas employment lawyer for assistance when filing with the TWC.  Your attorney can guide you through the process and inform you of your rights under Texas law.  Also, if you need representation during any court or agency hearings, your attorney can provide help you during these as well.