Employment rights exist to protect the safety and quality of the work environment for both employers and employees. They can cover a wide range of subjects, including employment discrimination, wage and hour issues, medical or disability leave, pregnancy leave, and other rights. 

Generally speaking, federal laws and statutes govern a good portion of employment rights. In addition, states may have individual statutes that also provide protections for employment rights. In addition to these rights, employees may also have rights under their individual employment contract, if they have one.

What Are Unions?

In some companies, many workers belong to what is called a union or a labor union. These are organizations that observe, research, and study the company in order to ensure that they are complying with the standards for employment rights. If the union body suspects that there is a company violation, they may seek to enter into negotiations with the company management in order to resolve the situation. 

What If Employment Rights Have Been Violated?

Violations of employment rights can often lead to serious legal penalties for employers and for any employees that may also be involved. For instance, the liable party may be required to pay a damages award to reimburse the plaintiff for injuries, losses, or violations (such as lost wages). 

In addition, an employer can suffer legal consequences for violating employment rights. These can include a loss of licensing or a requirement that the company change their supervisory structure. Employers are required to exercise good faith and fair dealing with employees. Lastly, criminal fines can result in certain cases involving willful conduct. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Employment Rights?

If you need any clarification or legal representation regarding your employment rights, you may need to hire an employment lawyer in your area. Your attorney can help you understand what your employment rights are, and whether any of your rights have been violated. Also, if you need to file a claim or a lawsuit over employment rights, your attorney can help you obtain the remedy needed for your situation.