What Is Occupational Deafness?

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What Is a Work Injury?

A work injury is a type of personal injury that occurs during a person’s employment. Typically, the injury, also called a workplace injury, is caused by a job task an individual is required to do while working.

What Is Occupational Deafness?

Occupational, or industrial, deafness is a type of hearing loss caused equipment noise that far exceeds a specific decibel level. This extremely loud noise can cause permanent damage to the worker’s ears. The damage is sustained in the inner ear.

How Does the Industrial Deafness Occur?

This particular workplace injury can happen in two ways. The first way that it can happen is working around loud equipment for a prolonged period of time. The prolonged exposure to the noises causes one to go deaf. The second way it occurs is called acoustic shock. Acoustic shock happens when an individual suddenly hears loud noise over a specific decibel level. The sudden loud noise immediate permanent hearing loss.

Does Industrial Deafness Always Cause Permanent Hearing Loss?

No. Although permanent deafness is a common result of occupational deafness, a worker can also experience:

What Decibel Level Can Cause Occupational Deafness?

Sounds higher than 80 decibels can be loud enough to cause damage to the inner ear. The longer the sound, the more likely the damage.

What Jobs Have a High Risk of Industrial Deafness?

Workers in the following jobs have a high risk of developing this work-related injury:

Can I Obtain Workers Compensation for My Injury?

You may be able to obtain workers compensation for this type of injury. Workers compensation is available to cover work-related injuries such as occupational deafness in exchange for employees giving up their right to sue in civil court.

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about Occupational Deafness?

If you are suffering from occupational deafness, you need to talk to an employment lawyer. A lawyer will help you with pursuing a worker’s compensation claim to reimburse you for your work-related hearing injury.

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